Captures By Denise

Powerful Vibrations

This is PHASE #1 of our expedition to Spitting Caves for Sunset on 6/10/13If any of you have ever been to this location, you may understand how I came up with this name. :) I already realized that I had a phobia of being on a cliffside that close to waves smashing against the rocks & caves. Now, what really made me weak at the knees you ask..... A few seconds later as I was standing on this cliffside amazed at how beautifully scary this place was, I watched as this wave surge started to make its way towards the caves & rocks (as you see in this picture on the bottom left hand side).... As it built up its speed & entered the cave, all I could hear was a loud rumble that emerged from inside the cave, & it was so loud & clear that I could swear the rocks vibrated under me!A second later the cave spits it back out! Hence, I'd imagine that's how this place was named "Spitting Caves" ;) It sure was a great experience, that I hope someday I'll be more comfortable standing so close to the ledge. :) In this picture you'll see the water trails going in two different directions... one is flowing ONTO the rocks; second is spitting OUT of the cave! This was the intent of my idea, so that I could show you how amazing this place really is! As far as the "fisherman" on the cliffside, that would be my crazy husband ;) which added a special bonus to this piece! Enjoy <3

Left Behind

PHASE #3 of Pounders Beach Laie, Oahu Sunrise session. This is the last phase of my expedition, & I must say, it was pretty AWESOME!!! I always like to learn new things & find out the history of why/how places come about. Being that I'm originally a Maui girl & don't know too much about this island so far, I assumed this beach was called "Pounders Beach" because the old pier pillers. Well, I was soo far off ;) LOL. But I dare you to google & read about it! I'll be posting my view on this amazing place on my blog soon! Hope you enjoyed sharing in this expedition with me! :)

Colorful Endeavors

This is PHASE #1 of our expedition to Pounders Beach for Sunrise. This was my first time there, & it was by chance that our original spot didn't pan out. I hope to go back there some time again to catch another sunrise. It's actually a really nice beach :) I happen to come across this turtle on the beach.... My husband named it Morla ;) she had one missing left-front side fin, but with no hinderance in determination, she still moved, turned, & kept striving to be normal. She gave me a new outlook on life itself as she inspired me in so many ways. Enjoy :)


This is PHASE #2 of our expedition to Pounders Beach for sunrise. I saw these drift woods as I first stepped onto the beach, but wanted to visit "Morla" first (as mentioned in previous post of PHASE #1) Enjoy :)

Cotton Candy

This is PHASE #2 of Day 2 at China Walls. Not sure why this name comes to mind, but this is what I see ;) Enjoy!

Last Call

This is PHASE #2 of our adventure to China Walls for sunset. I must say, the sky was popping with some nice clouds & amazing colors! The other onlookers loved this sunset also, & the surfers just loved the surf actually ;) Enjoy!


This is PHASE #1 of Day 2 of China Walls. Sure the sunset wasn't as beautiful as the day before, but the waves crashing against this rock shelf made a beautiful display! Everyone loved how powerful the waves were that day & there were a few tourist who took the chance of getting way too close for my comfort ;) I had a blast watching my hubby catch some barrels as I met a nice & friendly couple who were also relaxing & taking some pictures :) Enjoy!

Rock Bottom

This is PHASE #1 of our adventure to China Walls for sunset. This was my first time there, & I really enjoyed the view :) This was my first spot of choice, but it was dangerous being that the ocean was super rough because of the swell. It was a good thing I brought my booties with me because I must've been about 10 feet up on one of the shelf ledges, & it was pretty wet from the splashes. I need to go back when it is less rough, I saw a amazing spot more to the left, but it was a dangerous move to try & walk there this time around. I did get lots of nice shots "while being safe" ;) Enjoy!

Pastel Sky

Had a awesome time shooting at a new spot with new found fellow photographers! They took me to this place known as "The Secret Cave" It sure was fun! The hardest part was keeping my lens clean from all the sea mist! :) My perception of this spot was mixed at first, only because I knew nothing of what it looked. When we reached our spots, it was still a little dim, but what really grabbed my attention was all the textures in the rocks, & the reflections of the tide pools. There wasn't much clouds in the sky, but definitely some place I'd like to go back & shoot again! Enjoy ♥

Sandy's Wonders

Sunrise at Sandy's, it was spectacular!! Shore break was a little sloppy 5-7feet.... but it made for some creative pics! :) My husband & I woke up a little late heading out to the east side for sunrise, we must have got there around 7:05am, I had to speed walk to find a spot for the sunrise at 7:10am! First time ever, I walked straight to this spot & said to myself, "BAM! This is a great composition!" Shortly after, this is the picture I got! Enjoy ♥

Forces Of Nature

My GOSH has it been a LONG time since I got out for a sunset shoot!!!!....& let me tell you, it sure is beautiful on the North Shore :) My husband & I decided to take a nice long cruise up to the North side, spend some QT time & have some fun. I must say, he must love me.....I made our "relaxing" sunset, into a hiking journey on the coral rocks of Ke Iki Point. As we searched for a spot, we came across this spot.....I looked left, & he looked right....then I heard "look hun, how's this spot" As I turned my head, all I saw was this surge of water coming off of the rocks like a waterfall. It was close to perfect until I had to climb down & be in this little hole inches away from the water when it rose!! I think I talk his ear off enough about my ideas & views of what I look for, but being that close to rising water with my camera, MUST BE A GUY THING!!! I freaked out a few times & all he did was laugh...LOL ;) At the end of it all, I was satisfied ♥


This is one from the archives from a previous shoot. Same place as "Sunburst" BUT, this was from DOWN BELOW! Took this shot seconds before I booked it out of there! You can see how up close & personal I was....I was literally standing in a water pool! Enjoy :)

Fire & Ice

I know, such a cliche! But some how, that is all I was thinking as I was taking this picture!!! :) I could feel the burn! lol Mokuleia Coastline Sunset 5/2/13 (Thursday), North Shore, Oahu.It was a moody sunset, but the "fire" brought the heat ;) Enjoy ♥

White Rush

This picture was taken back in October 2012. I was board yesterday after work & decided to go back threw my old archives. Just so happen on this day, we had a northern swell rising & we decided to hit up the north shore. This was taken just after sunset & if I'm not mistaken, I got pretty soaked after I snapped this picture! Waves were approximately the power of the white wash was pretty intense, & I was pretty close to the shore line :) Well, hope you enjoy this one...I thought it was a pretty cool capture that I overlooked :)